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Dry cold winter air must be counterbalanced with extra moisturizer and targeted skincare products. Added to the use of oil based gentle cleansers in the wintertime one should also effectively exfoliate to keep skin complexion bright and glowing. Chemical Peels are in essence a chemical exfoliation treatment & they can be utilized with success in the winter months.

What do Chemical Peels Treat?

Chemical Peel treatment is aimed at improving the texture and appearance of the skin skin.

Chemical peels can be used to treat specific types of:

  • acne
  • scars
  • sun damage
  • wrinkles caused by aging


They can be used to reduce:

  • Fine lines (around mouth and eyes)
  • Age spots
  • Existing Freckles
  • Areas of Hyper-Pigmentation


How Chemical Peels Work

Chemical Peels work using scientifically studied active ingredients in a professionally formulated chemical solution. A qualified medical professional applies this solution to facial skin; great results can also be achieved on the decolletage & within Hand Rejuvenation coupled with dermal fillers. This application removes the existing surface layer of skin exposing fresh new skin underneath. The skin resurfacing treatment activates the Healing Cascade.


Personalized Effectiveness

Chemical peels come in wide range of various strengths. Your skin type, specific needs, and aesthetic goals will all influence the type and potency of Chemical Peel that Dr van der Mescht recommends for you.

  • Light Peels do not require any downtime and can be completed over a lunch hour.
  • Mild Peels call for a downtime of 48 hours up to three days.
  • Moderate Peels necessitate a downtime of three up to seven days.
  • Advanced peels may involve a recovery period of a week to ten days.


Why Peel in winter?

Chemical Peels can address sun damage which will restore a rejuvenated complexion!

Another great reason to have a chemical peel in winter is that following a treatment – the skin is especially sensitive to UV rays. With new fresh skin now revealed to the surface – it is of utmost importance to avoid exposing it to excess sunlight. Therefore, the decrease in UVB rays during the winter months creates an advantageous time for Skin Rejuvenation such as is with Chemical Peels.

Due to the tilt of the earth the sun rays that reach us during wintertime are less harsh than summertime rays. The cooler temps don’t tempt us to spend time poolside or out in the sun and encourage snuggling indoors. This is a perfect time to undergo a Chemical Peel treatment!


Professional Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are one way to help achieve skin you love. They can be prescribed and viewed as an integral part of reducing visible aging and avoiding a dull complexion.

Dr van der Mescht offers a wide range of specialized Aesthetic treatments and procedures in her modern, hygienic, and comfortable clinic. She and her staff will work to tailor a treatment plan to suit your specific aesthetic aims. Use a personalized plan to make informed choices about which procedures to invest in.



If you take skin health and appearance seriously or are ready too, visit the aesthetic clinic and have a professional skin assessment done with Visia™. This state of the art technology diagnoses the various skin layers & allows the doctor to determine which treatments are suitable for you.

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