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Skincare Trends

The desire for smooth, even-toned skin and a glowing complexion has been a constant through the ages. In the search for this beauty aesthetic, various skincare ‘treatments’ have come and gone. Today, however, with scientific research & design we are now able to view & assess the different layers of skin without the need of an incision. This Skin Assessment Technology is allowing Aesthetic Medicine to map a direct route to the most appropriate forms of treatment for individuals.


Beauty Fundamentals

  • Don’t follow the whim of any new cure on the block; Do stick to proven basics for best results.
  • Do seek a diagnosis from a skincare professional, don’t Self-Diagnose.
  • Do get personalized treatment advice based on your unique skin, don’t settle for what worked for someone else (& their unique skin).
  • Do use physician-grade products; don’t trust claims from cosmetic marketers who are not performing research on their products.


Committed to helping you achieve your Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Goals

Dr Martina van der Mescht is not interested in baseless trends. As a board certified medical doctor, she upholds an elevated list of requirements when choosing products and treatment protocols. This is why she has chosen Visia™ Technology.



Visia™ Technology is used in her rooms to determine and diagnose an individual’s skin’s condition. Visia™ uses advanced photo-technology to investigate skin up close and personal. This includes an in-depth assessment of:

  • UV damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Size of pores
  • Texture
  • Skin health

Results are graded and consolidated and your unique personalized profile is created.


A Tool to Target Results

An individual’s Visia™ profile allows for focussed treatment protocols to be selected appropriately to match the client’s skin condition. It can also be employed to chart the best recovery protocols after a procedure.


Here are several other benefits offered by Visia™:

  • Treatment results are tracked to ensure flexibility and alteration to constantly improve one’s treatment plan.
  • An individuals Visia™ profile can also be used to guide procedures such as Dermal Fillers and enhance the balanced natural-look that achieves rejuvenation subtly.
  • Avoid wasting time and money trying things that won’t work or treatments that won’t contribute to the end results that you seek.

Contact us today to receive an in-depth skin analysis to guide your treatment choices and deliver actual results that you want for your look!

For a direct route to better skin health – Connect with Dr Martina van der Mescht, 011 954 0070.

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