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Don’t let your skin get the Blues this winter!

Winter is a cosy time to indulge in creature-comforts and enjoy snuggling in soft blankets with steaming tea but wintertime also holds hidden hazards for your skin.

With decreased moisture in outdoor and indoor environments, weaknesses in dermal structure and wrinkles may appear more pronounced.

Skin relies on moisture for its firmness & fullness and natural oils for its glow. Wintertime cold air, dry winds, and even repeated hot showers can strip and leach these components leaving one’s complexion looking & feeling dull. Unwanted skin conditions may also flare up such as intense dryness, itchiness, patches of flaky skin, redness, inflammation, and more.

Yes, dry skin can be treated with a moisturiser, but cellular damage has already occurred. Temporary solutions such as covering up with a cream are not anti-ageing routes. Be kind to your future self & take care of you skin today.


Healthy Habits

Don’t let the cold dry air of winter catch you unprepared and wreak havoc on your skin’s health. Instead follow these simple tips and enjoy a vibrant complexion throughout winter:


Take Moisturizers Seriously

If you use a water-based moisturizer consider switching to an oil-based one as the oil forms a protective barrier on your skin sealing much needed moisture in for longer.


Balance Dry Air from Heaters with a Humidifier

Heaters can make indoor temperatures bearable but they also dry out the air. Take precautionary measures against this by employing a humidifier to restore moisture in the air or even by placing a kettle on the fireplace or stove that then releases moisturising steam.


Stay Hydrated

Cooler weather may not induce as much thirst as hot summertime weather and it’s easy to forget that the cold dry weather is just as dehydrating as the summer sun! Take note of how many liquids you are drinking and consider adding hydrating caffeine-free herbal teas to make staying hydrated a treat!


Watch out for Too much Hot Water

Long soaks and showers feel lovely in winter but they strip away the natural skin oils required for dermal health. Keep an eye on the time when you do indulge, consider adding nourishing oils to your bath, and try to keep water warm enough but not scalding hot!


Natural Fibres

Scarves feel divine in wintertime but they spend a lot of time in contact with our neck, chin, and the lower half the face. Overtime this close contact may induce a breakout especially if scarves are made of synthetic materials. Help avoid this by wrapping scarves loosely and siding towards natural fibres that breath such as silk, cotton, and wool when possible.


Take care of Delicate skin on your Hands

The skin on top of your hands is thinner than skin elsewhere. Keep the moisture in by wearing gloves when wintertime weather is at its worst. If you feel that your hands are showing visible signs of ageing prematurely, then click here to find out about Aesthetic Medicine’s approach to Hand Rejuvenation.


A Luxury Level of Wintertime Skin Pampering

For an added boost this winter considered booking an HA treatment with us.

HA treatments introduce moisture to a deep dermal level such that wintertime skin ailments can be both treated & prevented.

HA is a substance found naturally in the body. It draws water to itself thus naturally plumping skin with moisture so that skin appears fresh, glowing, and rejuvenated.

The HA hydration reduces the possibility of unsightly, and damaging, skin inflammation from occurring. Don’t let your skin suffer. Pamper it and love your look all winter long!

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