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Nasolabial Folds were once thought to be caused by the muscles we use to smile, but this is incorrect. They are actually an inevitable sign of ageing.

What Causes Nasolabial Folds?

These lines become visible for the first time in an individual’s twenties. As we get older existing Nasolabial folds seem to emerge or become more prominent. In reality the folds themselves do not change, rather, the loss of tissue volume elsewhere in your face combined with the movement and decline of cheek volume make the folds appear to deepen.

As these wrinkles become more pronounced they can draw unwanted attention or contribute an unwelcome aesthetic.

Treatment for Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds can be addressed with cosmetic surgery such as face-lifts and cheek implants. But surgical means are not the only type of treatment that can effectively reduce or eliminate deep Nasolabial folds. Those wishing to avoid surgery, or are concerned with the risks or costs associated with surgery have several non-surgical options. These non-surgical procedures can be used to treat Nasolabial folds effectively without incurring a recovery-time as surgery requires.

Non-Surgical Corrective Procedures

Hyaluronic Acid is used to treat unsightly Nasolabial folds. Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally by the body in some quantity but production decreases with time. When used as a dermal filler, HA draws water molecules, already present in the dermis, together to plump up the skin. HA is placed directly into the skin layers beneath the fold to minimize its appearance.

Cheek Fillers are frequently a means to positively decrease Nasolabial folds. They are particularly helpful when there is a considerable loss of tissue volume in the cheek area. By adding volume to the location above the folds, excess skin contributing to the fold becomes firmer. Previously sagging skin becomes tighter and the folds appearance is lessened.

Collagen Stimulators such as micro-needling can be employed as Collagen plays a vital part in giving our skin its density. When the production of Collagen is promoted the skin naturally appears to gain volume and youthfulness. Increased firmness helps the appearance of folds to be erased.

Retinoid Crème’s are specially formulated skin crèmes that contain large amounts of vitamin A. Vitamin A has been linked with collagen creation and also with stimulating new cell growth which both have been found to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Solutions

Dr Martina van der Mescht is a qualified and experienced M.D. specializing in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, in fact she is a registered trainer of aesthetic doctors. We urge you to be wary of non-specialists and ‘bargain-deals’. If you are worried about the years your Nasolabial lines and folds are adding to your visible age, schedule a consult today, it is really that simple.

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