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What do you hands say about your age?

It would seem that the old adage “if you want to know a woman’s true age look at her hands” may be true after all. According to a study published in the official Medical Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons researchers demonstrated this. Participants were shown unaltered photographs of only hands and in the majority of cases were able to correctly deduce the biological age of the person photographed.

The appearance of the hand

Historically, those motivated to pursue aesthetic procedures have focused on the face and neck but this is changing. The hands are the third most visible feature on our bodies and since we leave them unclothed their appearance may counteract a rejuvenated and youthful face.

While face care is under the spotlight quite often, the care of our hands is often neglected or goes unmentioned.

Our hands are hardworking and frequently exposed and they often manifest damage from the sun, chemicals and pollutants such as smoking.

As we intrinsically age we have natural changes within our soft tissue which reduces our skins elasticity and volume. This affects the appearance of our hands. It is seen in thinner, looser and more translucent skin in which bones, veins and underlying structures such as tendons also become more visible.


Visible Aging is easily seen on your hands!

Due to the visible signs of aging on the hands contrasting with other areas so drastically, Hand Rejuvenation is garnering popularity.

Nicknamed as a ‘Hand Lift” this procedure uses dermal fillers or boosters to add a youthful plumbness & skin texture to one’s hands. In some cases Hand Rejuvenation also includes the use of lasers which may be used to reduce and remove sun spots and unwanted blemishes.


How is Hand Rejuvenation performed?

In the Hand Rejuvenation procedure, micro-droplets of Hyaluronic Acid, a commonly used filler with reportedly good results, is injected. HA naturally attracts water to bind with its molecules thus increasing a plump and youthful appearance.

To avoid unnecessary discomfort initial entry is made with a very small gauge needle. To increase maneuverability a blunt tip cannula is employed. Blunt tip cannulas help contribute to consistency and precision in where filler is deposited. They have been shown to reduce any possible bruising considerably.

Hand Rejuvenation is not a lengthy procedure, requires no social downtime and is considered low risk. It is still important to find a qualified doctor who is experienced with the procedure and with using fillers. The affects of the procedure are not permanent but last 6-12 months on average.


Keeping Hands Healthy

To prevent unnecessary visible aging it is important to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle and extend your skincare regime to your hands.

These include making sure you are staying hydrated, using sunscreen, wearing protective gloves when needed, and applying appropriate moisturizers. Dedicated care toward your hands will keep them looking younger for longer and will also aid in prolonging the effects of a Hand Rejuvenation procedure.

If you are unsatisfied with the visible age of your hands, or feel that the appearance of your hands is incongruent with your otherwise youthful appearance consider booking a consultation to discuss a Hand Rejuvenation treatment plan for you.

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