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Eyebrows are small features that make a big impact on our facial aesthetics.

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While trends come and go, the act of beautifying brows has a long history.

In the 18th century, upper class Americans were intent on adding bulk to their brows. In Italy during the Renaissance it was stylish to shave eyebrows off and go bare. More recently, model and movie star Cara Delevingne has caused a fashion sensation by wearing very bushy brows. Throughout time, personal preference, cultural ideals of beauty, and the availability of tools and procedures have impacted our ideas of how to best use our eyebrows to enhance our beauty.

Biologically they are designed to help us see by funnelling sweat or water away from our eyes. To do this, they contain an impressive 250 to 1100 hairs per brow. Science has been able to show us that eyebrows have a critical role in helping us identify fellow human faces. MIT Researchers concluded brows might be more important for recognition then our eyes themselves! One staunch brow enthusiast has gone so far as to author books on what brow shape says about our personality; but we will let you be the judge of that ‘science’.

What is undisputed is that eyebrows contribute mightily in how we communicate with others.

Non-Verbal communication is proven to exist and something we all have firsthand experience with.  Eyebrows are a critical component of forming facial expression.

There shape and placement gives others clues to our emotions.

It is important not to let our eyebrows interfere with what we are attempting to communicate. Let’s look at eyebrow placement in five basic facial expressions of emotion.

Happy:  Eyebrows appear lightly raised and your forehead seems relaxed. If laughing, cheekbones are lifted and mouth may be open.

Angry: Eyebrows are pushed down and forehead is pulled together. Your nose may stand out, eyes seem to bulge and teeth may be visible.

Sad: Eyebrows may be squeezed together and the inner corner of the eyebrow may be raised away from the nose.  Your forehead might appear to be frowning and lips may be downturned.

Fear:  Your eyebrows both rise and fall when you are afraid. Lips might appear stretched outward and eyes may seem bigger than usual. Fear might show on your face in sweat and or in paleness.

Surprise: Eyebrows are raised in the corner and or are pulled up high into impressive arches. Eyes are wide and your mouth may drop open.

Using a range of products and non-surgical procedures we can help ensure that your brows say exactly what you want them to!  We can assist in achieving the facial aesthetics you desire by ensuring eyebrows achieve the shape you want while avoiding the fake or drawn on look which doesn’t flatter any face! Dr. van der Mescht can employ Botulinum Toxin to firm and plump your brow line and counteract the effects of aging.

Meet the world looking your best with poise, vitality and happiness showing on your face. Be certain not to send the wrong impression, by letting your eyebrows make the wrong expression.

Be Beautiful, Brows and All!

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