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Getting rid of a troublesome wrinkle

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Towards the end of 2015 and into 2016 the Aesthetic Medicine Field focused upon holistic treatments and improving skin health, as a healthy skin base not only improves visible age but also creates a preventive measure to future chronological ageing.

This being true, there is also the client that simply requires a single wrinkle to be treated & nothing more.

For some, they already undertake a strict homecare regime and visit their aesthetic doctor periodically but erasing a single or deep wrinkle evades them. For others, they may not be interested in holistic skin ageing, but still have a worrisome wrinkle they wish would disappear. This is a treatment overview for you both.


Skin Analysis

When I look upon a client for skin rejuvenation, my first point of reference is to reverse the signs of visible age as naturally as possible, with minimal downtime. I look upon your skin holistically, and this includes a Visia Skin Analysis:

  • Chronological age,
  • Environmental age,
  • Structure of the skin,
  • Quality of the skin,
  • Elasticity in the skin,
  • Fat pads within the skin and so on.

With this approach you can see why a treatment plan is so detailed. Should you have a single wrinkle treatment in mind, please ensure that you bring it to my or your aesthetic doctor’s attention.


Triple Treatment Options

There are three options when treating a single problem wrinkle. They are of course location & depth dependent.

Skin Treatment

Should your trouble wrinkle be not excessively deep it is often wise to treat the skin as a whole to minimize the visibility of the wrinkle. Using hyaluronic acid, I inject the skin in a grid pattern, and of course, focus product into the trouble spot. The product is designed to not only lift but also hydrate the skin. This treatment treats the wrinkle & addresses many of the fine lines of the face at the same time.

A single treatment is often enough, but I do recommend a second visit to prolong the result.

Direct Dermal Filler Approach

Should you have a deep wrinkle that cannot be treated using the skin treatment method above I often opt for a thicker & more viscous hyaluronic acid

to target the wrinkle directly. By injecting  it beneath the wrinkle we push the skin outward and effectively smooth the skin’s contours – minimizing the visibility of the wrinkle. This was the standard approach to wrinkle treatment since HA Dermal Fillers first made their mark on the aesthetic world.

Treatment approach varies dependent on the winkle location but in most cases I either use a micro-cannula or a fine gauge needle to perform the treatments.

Depth of the wrinkle dependent, either a single or double treatment is required to be rid of that troublesome wrinkle.

Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin Dynamism

There are cases, and they are more frequent than you think, that the troublesome wrinkle is in fact caused by two factors. A skin crease is emphasized by chronological aging depletion of skin hydration & elasticity, but is also created by overactive muscle action. Take your frown lines for example.

If this is the case then the approach is minimize muscle movement using Botulinum Toxin and then fill the wrinkle using option 2 above.

We need to add Botulinum Toxin to the treatment, as the overactive muscle will simply force the wrinkle to become visible should we opt for a simple dermal filler or skin treatment approach.

Often a single treatment is all that is required in these cases but results will take a few days to become apparent simply due to waiting for the Botulinum Toxin to take full effect.

If you are working with me currently on a more holistic aesthetic medicine plan you will notice how the above-mentioned treatments are still used but in connection with other treatment options like chemical peels, PRP Therapy & selected homecare products to improve the overall quality, complexion & youthfulness of the skin. The choice is of course yours, and I simply want to make it known that these treatment options still do exist.

Should you have any anti-ageing queries or questions, please feel free to make an appointment to see me on 011 954 0070.

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