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Stay in shape in your hotel room


Once Seneca the Younger had quoted that “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” We all believe that travelling is one of the finest and most satisfying adventures of life that we should experience.

Even though travelling can be an invigorating experience a long route can lead to exhaustion. Sitting for long periods either in an airplane, car, bus or train ride, results in you looking really tired and messy from jet lag, exhaustion can occur being cramped into a small seating area. Getting some added circulation into the body will refresh you in more ways than one.

Here are some interesting tips that can help you to stay in shape even after being constricted & cramped by a long route of journey:

Tips to follow while travelling to keep your body at the best

  • Keep your body hydrated while travelling by drinking plenty of water. Try avoiding alcohol and caffeine as both tend to make you more dehydrated than just the dry cabin air alone.
  • Try to eat a balanced diet and avoid high fat. Eat your healthy snacks because it often happens that you lose valuable nutrients when the body is flushed with too much water.
  • Exercises in your seat; help stretch your legs by only moving your feet around. Stretching your hamstrings and hip flexor muscles will help to reduce your anxiety during the long flight, which can otherwise cause tightening of these muscles. Sit up straight and take deep breaths often to increase the oxygen intake.
  • Keep enough blood circulation while being on a journey. In case you are in an airplane, just get up and take a walk around and stretching periodically throughout the flight. It is essential to move nearby every 30 minutes wherever possible to improve your blood flow. This can reduce stiffness and improve mobility of your muscles.
  • To take care of the natural curvature of your spine while travelling, you can creste low back support just by placing a rolled up towel between your lower back and chair.
  • Move your position every 15-30 minutes by adjusting yourself. It will create movements in your arms (shrugging your shoulders) and help to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • If you suffer from muscle cramps be sure to pack your suppliments.


Basic stretching tips to relieve your muscles after the journey

  • Plank jacks: Doing this exercise will warm you up quickly after a long journey. Start with an upper plank or push-up position. Maintaining the tight hold on the plank, jump your legs apart and quickly back together.
  • Running planks: Similar to plank jack, you can also perform running plank from the push-up position. Alternate your knees slowly towards your chest as if you are walking. Once you achieved a good walking pace, bring it up to a running pace.
  • Plank jacks with a push-up: Performing a push-up with plank jack can be the great way to relieve your body. From the upper plank position, perform a plank jack and instantly follow it with a push-up.
  • Arms Across: Stretching also works wonders after a long journey. Use your right arm, crossing the left side of your body. Now use your left arm to cradle the left arm. Draw the shoulders down whilst trying to move the arms aprat from one another. Repeat this stretching exercise on each side in two or three sets of 20- to 30-second hold.
  • Ankle Over Opposite Knee: To release your ankle from pain, place your left ankle over your right knee. Simultaneously, use your left arm to press down on your left leg above your knee. Repeat this stretching exercise on each side in two or three sets of 20- to 30-second hold. For greater security within the knee, you can flex the foot it’s shin.
  • Leg Extension: Stretch your left leg out in front and hold for five seconds. Try to balance using your hands. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.
  • There are loads of yoga & stretching resources on the internet, for a focused physiological approach google Bandha Yoga

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