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Sunglasses – prevent the squint & wrinkles


Wearing sunglasses are well known for its benefits, especially for the protection our eyes from various elements be it dust, dirt or pollution. It strongly acts as a protector shield that covers one of the most delicate areas of the body.

One essential benefit of wearing them is that they block the harmful ultraviolet rays and damaging radiations that might dramatically harm your eyes in future. The early signs of ageing is the most common problem that most of us suffer, the skin around the eyes is thin; it is susceptible to sun-damage & moisture loss. However, sunglasses can stand out as a savior by protecting your eyes from wrinkles that are created by repeated squinting.

Did you know that squinting can be bad for vision? It can be a high contributing reason to your wrinkles around your eyes. Wearing sunglass is a comfortable way to avoid squinting because no one likes to squint & strain their eyes. It will not only decrease the squinting but also allow you to see more clearly, preventing the eyes from becoming fatigued.


The squinting effects

The certain results of squinting are crow’s feet; the wrinkles around the eyes. It occurs when you squint from the rays of the sun, or strain to focus your vision. In reaction to sunlight, the eyes try to protect themselves by closing them as much as possible so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Folds are developed due to the repeated contractions that later develop into fine lines. The wrinkle-causing muscles involved in this is orbicularis oculi muscle — a circular muscle nearby the eye. The more frequent you squint, the deeper the line gets.


How sunglasses help your eyes from squinting?

Sunglasses provides a barrier against wrinkle-causing UV rays. It also helps to prevent you from repeatedly squinting.

In this world of sunglasses, every style-conscious woman who is as equally conscious of her skin should, of course, use the sunglasses with the lenses having the capacity to block the damaging UV rays to protect the eyesight. Make sure to select a large stylish-frame to protect the skin around your eyes.

In addition to wearing sunscreen, wearing sunglasses can also help prevent wrinkles. Go with a pair of UV protection sunglasses and consistently wear them to ensure your health.

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