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The change of season is here!

Beautiful woman with makeup, spring fashion portrait

The warmer weather brings with it increased humidity and a general happiness in Life. Spring is a truly wonderful season. This is the time when you will plan to increase your workout intensity just to look great in your bikini, and many of us start to watch our diets more closely too. Most of us focus on the body but forget about the face and skin.

Getting outdoors

Life becomes social in Spring, we venture outdoors and the street side coffee shops are packed. We all want to look happy, relaxed and our best for those happy Spring celebrations. The issue is, after the Winter break most of our skin is dehydrated, brittle & probably a little dull. We can fix this though. And the answer is surprisingly simple.

The key ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

To get that vibrancy and elasticity back in your skin you need to recreate a moisture balance in the skin. This can be done in any number of ways:

  • Use a HA moisturizer and apply twice daily
  • Protect your skin each day with sunblock – this will not only reduce skin damage, but minimize moisture loss through the day.
  • Schedule a HA Skin Rejuvenation appointment

You might have come across hyaluronic acid in the beauty world as it plays a vital role to provide rejuvenating power for the skin. Though you would think that the word ‘acid’ might cause confusion, it is neither toxic nor irritating. Applying this acid to the skin topically can retain moisture, and instantly create a smooth, supple, and more youthful looking skin.

Skin rejuvenation using HA micro droplets is another treatment that will help you look younger and feel your best throughout Spring and in the Summer months. The idea is that we replace lost hyaluronic acid in the skin by injecting micro droplets into the deep dermis. This essentially returns your skin’s suppleness to that of in your mid twenties based purely on youthful hydration.

The result is so natural and beautiful that everyone will notice how youthful and rejuvenated you look, but you will never have that “worked on” look that we try to avoid.

This is skin rejuvenation season and the best time of year for you to do something about your skin repairing issues.

What Hyaluronic acid does?

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is naturally present in our body that holds water in cells and tissues. It can be found in the large concentrations in eyes, joint fluids and importantly the skin. The hyaluronic acid used in medicine today is made with bacteria in the laboratory under the strictest health and safety conditions for utmost patient satisfaction.

HA other uses

Hyaluronic acid therapy is the globe’s most popular aesthetic treatment. It can be used as a temporary filler for facial augmentation, skin rejuvenation tool and most popularly as a wrinkle filler. Each procedure is well studied and documented, which means safe, predictable and reliable treatment results for patients. It conveniently softens fine facial lines and wrinkles with the added benefit of not demanding any skin testing before the use.

In the treatment, a small amount of hyaluronic acid is injected, raising the skin’s hyaluronic acid content. The time taken in this treatment completely depends on how many lines are being treated.

The effects of the treatment can be maintained by small ‘top-up’ treatments which is done twice in a year.

Roles and Benefits of hyaluronic acid

  • Gives a mechanism of transport of essential nutrients from the bloodstream to living skin cells.
  • Hydrates the skin by retaining water content.
  • It offers a mechanism to awaken, revive and refresh tired skin.
  • It acts as a skin booster to give your skin a glowing appearance without makeup.
  • It can be used as a dermal filler to enhance the contours.

Now winning the battle against time has become easier with hyaluronic acid treatment. Rejuvenate your skin. Get Spring back in your skin this September and start to enjoy the benefit of HA in every form. Dr vd Mescht would be delighted to discuss all the various homecare and aesthetic options with you that match your skin need and budget.

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