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Natural anti-ageing results are created slowly with regular treatments

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As we age our skin is subjected to natural wear and tear just like other organs, plus throwing lifestyle choices into the mix does not always make for the healthiest skin. But still, we all want a youthful and younger looking skin? Truth be told, we all know that we can make better daily choices to improve our overall health, and that this will directly influence our skin’s radiance. A major contributor to skin ageing and appearance of wrinkles is an unhealthy lifestyle speeding up the ageing process. But it is never too late to start living healthily and to enjoy the maturity that it involves.

Our skin consists of a matrix of fibre that comprises of two important proteins – elastin and collagen. The loss of collagen is a primary reason for wrinkle development and loss of elastin results in sagging. However, it is possible to minimise natural skin ageing by repairing these proteins and restoring them using state of the art treatment protocols. But this has to be matched with lifestyle choice to better enhance the results.

The results everybody wants

Most of us want to get maximum results as fast as possible, and thus, we spend lots of money to attain that look. The experts wave infrared wands, needles & toxins, and prescribed seemingly supernatural ingredients to radically reverse the signs ageing. This often means that the treatments chosen are expensive and incur notable downtime due to their severity.

However, a handful of us have developed strategies of patience and combine aesthetic medicine with natural ways to reduce the signs of ageing. This means a slower process but a more natural and discreet result. What results do you want?

  1. The fast results driven option
    This option means drastic change now. With most patients, we know that we can condense treatments into a few weeks or sometimes a specific protocol to achieve immediate results. To reverse visible signs of ageing immediately requires aggressive treatment protocols and this translates to deeper chemical peels, more units of Botulinum toxin, aggressive laser and numerous syringes of dermal fillers.

Aggression and quantity mean two things: cost & downtime. Many patients are happy to pay a single treatment fee and take on the social downtime to achieve this quick result but for many this is too much to ask. However, option 2 exists.

  1. The natural discreet approach
    The natural approach is designed to reverse your visible age slowly and discreetly to avoid the upfront cost and extended downtime, plus it allows for subtle changes over time – thus it is less likely to be recognised as “having work done”.

With this approach we recommend monthly visits for minor treatments including superficial peels, less aggressive laser and minimal quantities of Botulinum toxin & dermal fillers. This approach allows Dr vd Mescht to continually maintain your age-reversal according to your naturally ageing skin.

There are major treatments to reverse the signs of ageing either in the form of aesthetic medicine or surgery. The choice is yours to how visible you want each treatment to be to your friends, and/or how much you are prepared to spend. The joy of advanced techniques and modern aesthetic medicine is that you can now achieve a result regardless of budget. You simply need to work with a professional experienced in all types of anti-ageing and all types of skin.
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