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Magnificent lips without the pout

Before and after lip filler injections. Lips closeup over white

Achieving beautiful lips is a want for many aesthetic patients worldwide. In truth however, most glossy magazines portray a beautiful lip as one that comes with a pout. This look unfortunately does not suite most women and the vast majority of women wishing to improve the lusciousness of their lips do not, in fact, want or need an exaggerated pout. The good news is that today we have new techniques to achieve just such a desired result.


Putting two and two together

In aesthetic medicine we use Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers to fill wrinkles and plump the lips. The reason we use HA is that it is a naturally occurring complex sugar molecule that naturally binds with water. Essentially this means that the main purpose of HA is to moisturize the skin, and we all know how valuable that is in our anti-ageing routine.

In time we then discovered that the skin rejuvenation results caused by multiple HA dermal filler treatments could be mimicked using multiple injection techniques and depositing micro-droplets of HA into the skin within a single treatment. The aesthetic industry called for a new product to allow such a treatment and various HA dermal filler manufacturers now produce products designed for just such an indication.


A theory proved right

A key element to becoming a well-advanced doctor interested in aesthetic medicine is an ability to find solutions to common patient requests. Full, symmetrical natural-looking lips without a pout was an extremely common but difficult request to achieve. However, a few Juvederm International Master Members, of which Dr vd Mescht is a member, discovered the solution.

By combining micro-droplet products designed for skin rejuvenation with cannula techniques for volumising, doctors discovered they could work on the lips without creating a pout.

The gel in the skin rejuvenation products is cross-linked for increased longevity but only mildly viscous so as not to create lift. The trick then was to learn how to inject it without causing the patient pain or discomfort while maximizing results. The answer is in the micro-cannula that allows the entire area to be treated via a single entry point on either side of the mouth.

Dr van der Mescht uses this technique to achieve almost any desired result without creating an unnatural pout.

The more common indications include:

  • Lip hydration for luscious lips
  • Lip line enhancement for well defined lip borders
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth for a more youthful lip shape
  • Creating lip symmetry

If you are one of the thousands of women interested in turning back the hands of time by rejuvenating your lips then this procedure could be for you. Natural lips, without the pout but still with the shine and lusciousness of youth: if this describes your desire then call Dr van der Mescht today and book your appointment.

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