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Because the world needs Smiles

Beautiful woman applying red lipstick

A smile is a beautiful thing. A simple smile can lift spirits of those around you, not to mention yourself. In fact, studies have revealed the individuals who smile regularly are considered more confident and more competent by their peers and that the act of smiling triggers the brain, irrespective of spontaneity, to improve ones mood. All the more reason to smile, don’t you think? The most common reason, however, not to smile more often is embarrassment: be it yellow teeth, thin lips or smokers lines… subconsciously we know that aged lips or chipped teeth are a focal point on our face and we try avoid bringing more attention to it.

Immediate results

Most people simply don’t smile to hide discolored, missing or chipped teeth, or they overuse make-up to recover thin or unsymmetrical lips. Immediate correction is possible today. Teeth whitening and dentistry techniques make the perfect row of pearly whites an option, but at a price. Similarly, aesthetic medicine has developed many techniques to create the perfect smile, pout, lip line and even reshape the mouth.

That being said not everyone has the time or budget to attain immediate results so here are my top 6 tips to get your smile out on every occasion. After all, your smile could change the world.

Condition your lips daily

Using lip balm daily will reduce dry lips and minimize moisture loss that will ruin the plumpness and shape of your lips. The trick is to use the correct lip balm… it’s worth it to buy top of the line.

A great tip: apply some lip balm before bed in the evening too and feel the results in the morning.

Exfoliate your lips

This is not in the traditional sense of exfoliation, but by rubbing cosmetic lip exfoliator or even brown sugar on you lips will remove any loose skin. There is nothing worse that dangly skin coated in lipstick. Creating a smooth platform for the next steps will give you superb confidence in your next smile.

Create a chiseled outline

Choose a lip liner that is similar to your lips. Then outline your lips just outside the natural contour of your lips. This will create the impression of larger lips associated with youth, and provide a larger canvass for step 4.

Fill and clean

Apply your lipstick of choice to the entire lip and use a lip brush to get it to the edges of the border you have just created. Then, here comes the kicker, use a small brush and base product to correct any minor mistakes. This absolutely embellishes the perfected lip line and will further add to your new found smile confidence.

Apply gloss (optional)
Finish your lips with lip-gloss. This is neither for everyone, nor for every occasion but the glisten and gleam will take years from your visible age, as this hydrated sheen is most commonly associated with youth. If you do apply gloss, please remember to reapply throughout the day.

Whiten those teeth

Lip shape sorted, it is time to get those pearly whites, white! There are a few dental do-it-yourself whitening kits on the market but more and more toothpaste manufactures are creating products to do just the same.
Simple tips like avoid drinking excessive tea or coffee will certainly help but brushing twice daily with whitening toothpaste will also give you confidence to lift everyone’s mood with a smile.

Of course the results in my Top 6 tips will not match professional techniques, products and protocols but at least now you can save up for the anti-aging treatments you really want and still have reason to smile. Use these tips even once you have completed your aesthetic lip sculpting treatment and further emphasize your new look and confidence.

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