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Easter Egg preparation to keep your skin youthful

Easter egg hunts are great fun, and the chocolate binge that follows is perhaps even more fun. But hear my cries: take it easy on the sugar. If not for your waistline but for your skin. Not many people know this, but what you eat can significantly affect your skin and your visible age.


AGE’s – ever heard of it?
A process of Glycation causes Advanced Glycation End Products or AGE’s. Glycation is the process in which sugars in your system snatch protein molecules and transform them into damaging new molecules called AGE’s.

These AGE’s molecules are most attracted to Collagen and Elastin, the very proteins in your body responsible for youthful skin.

Once attached, AGE’s will convert both collagen and elastin from spongy and plum molecules, into brittle fragile ones, effectively hastening skin ageing and the onset of wrinkles.

Finally to really hammer the nail home a byproduct of AGE’s is that they destroy your body’s natural anti-oxidants, making your much more vulnerable to environmental skin ageing like smoking, pollution and sun damage.


Turn your back on Sugars!

The wonders of aesthetic medicine today are that we can reverse the effects of sugar-aged skin. Treatment options today can build new collagen and reintroduce anti-oxidants. Then of course, we would also need to naturally hide the effects this ageing has had on your skin thus far.

Before you arrive for my best advice on treatment options to treat your wrinkles and ageing skin, here are a few tips to get your skin diet right.

  1. Quit sugar
    At least make an effort to lower your sugar intake. I.e. sugar in your coffee. Also read food ingredient labels and don’t be fooled by marketing tricks to make you think items are sugar free.
    Check the carbohydrates on listing and assume that a teaspoon of sugar is equivalent of 4grams – i.e. 8 grams of carbohydrates is like eating 2 spoons of sugar.
  2. Get your vitamins into your diet
    Vitamins are always advisable for a healthy lifestyle, but in this case, pay close attention to Vitamins B1 and B6. They are AGE’s inhibitors and will reduce your sugar diet skin risk. Most over the counter vitamins contain enough B1 & B6 for your daily allowance.
  3. Protect yourself
    Wearing sunblock & sun protective clothing is extremely important for all skin care concerns, but even more so when correcting Glycation in in the blood stream. As mentioned earlier, Glycation destroys anti-oxidants and makes you more at risk to environmental ageing.
  4. Eat for antioxidants
    Due to the added risk of reduced anti-oxidant levels you should make sure to eat more anti-oxidant rich foods. These include cranberries, nuts, and vegetables. It wouldn’t go amiss either to apply a homecare with proven antioxidant properties.

Although this is year-round solid skin advice, it pays to keep this information at the forefront of your mind during the Easter egg period. Tons of chocolate, a last chance of a beach holiday and taking your eye off your skin age is all it takes to reverse a year long regime of excellent skin ageing.

For more information or to book an anti-ageing treatment, please call my rooms and book an appointment. I will ensure you get the right treatment for your unique skin. You can also connect via Facebook