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We all love the long, lazy Summer days that allow us to take good care of ourselves and our skin.



Today, I want to talk about the perfect Summer skincare morning routine that will keep you looking fabulous this Summer and all year round too!

  • Keeping a thermal water spray next to your bed and spraying it all over your face as soon as you wake up is a great way to refresh your skin and give it a quick moisture fix.
  • Before you eat your breakfast is to drink 2 or 3 glasses of water. Even better is to squeeze half a lemon in a cup of hot water. It will flush out toxins and will help clear your skin from the inside out!
  • For breakfast, eat something healthy but satisfying: how about oatmeal and fresh fruits? You could also make a quick smoothie using spinach, bananas, protein powder and coconut milk? Consuming fresh fruits in the morning brings your body a ton of precious vitamins and gives you a well needed boost of energy.
  • Finish your breakfast with your skin’s best friend: green tea! Unbeatable when it comes to antioxidants, two or three cups of green tea a day will make a huge difference to your skin and body.
  • It is now time to wash your face. Use a gentle, soap free cleanser that will not dry out your skin. Massage the product with the tips of your fingers in circular motions for a minute or two.
  • It is a great idea to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells, clear your complexion and improve your skin tone but make sure your exfoliating method is not too harsh or it may backfire!
  • Once your skin is squeaky clean, apply moisturizer all over your face and down your neck. This is a crucial step in everyone’s morning routine that should not be skipped, even if you have oily skin and even in the Summer.
  • The next step is combatting crow’s feet with a good quality eye cream. Once again, using your fingertips, gently massage the skin around your eyes for a couple of minutes underneath and to the sides and make sure it penetrates well. A good tip is to massage using your ring fingers as they are not as “strong” and therefore apply less pressure than your other fingers.
  • After your moisturizer, but a good 20 minutes before leaving the house, apply Sunscreen. You should choose a good quality one with an SPF of at least 30. Apply it all over the areas that will be exposed that day and do not forget about your hands, ears and feet.
  • Finish your routine with a nourishing lip balm that contains SPF and keep it in your purse, along with your Sunscreen, in order to be able to reapply throughout the day.
  • Do not forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun rays and if you know you will be out for a few hours, bring a wide brimmed hat too! Lastly, remember to drink a lot of water regularly and to stay in the shade as much as possible.

Did you enjoy this article? Are there any Summer tips you would like to share with us? What is your favourite part of a Summer’s day?

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