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Hello everyone! This article is all about quick and easy makeovers that will have you looking incredible for months!


Did you know that in a recent survey performed on 2,500 women, 78% said that they would be impressed to get Botox or dermal fillers injections as gifts.

The top 5 treatments the women surveyed said they would like to receive for Valentines’ Day are:

  1. Dermal filler
  2. Botox
  3. Teeth whitening
  4. Skin peel
  5. Lip enhancement

Whether or not you are going on a date night or having a quiet night in, this Valentines’ Day, I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than feeling gorgeous and confident thanks to quick, results-driven treatments.

What are your plans for Valentines’ Day this year?

For some of us, Valentines’ Day is the perfect excuse to improve our skin, erase those few wrinkles or give the lips a subtle, yet glamorous makeover – so I thought I would reveal the various ways that I can, at my Krugersdorp practice, help you look fabulous, just in time for the 14th!

For more information on all the treatments I offer at my practice, please call my rooms on 011 954 0070/3 and of course, feel free to ask questions either right here on my blog or on my Facebook page where I love to interact with my followers!



Since Valentines’ Day is almost here, let’s talk about the lips first because who does not want soft, plump lips? If you are dealing with lips that are not as full as they once were, I can help restore their youthful and full appearance year round, giving you kissable Valentine’s Day lips! Lip makeovers are becoming more and more popular at my practice as patients are attracted to their quick accessibility and non-invasiveness.

Lip sculpting involves augmenting or adding volume to thin lips. I can redefine and enhance the shape of the lips by using Juvederm. It is a hyaluronic acid filler which is also used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, acne scars and to help shape and add volume to thin lips. Juvederm is perfectly safe, it is a FDA approved filler.

A lip enhancement can be just a small correction of a sad mouth corner, making an irregular upper lip more balanced or making your lips fuller. Remember that a little improvement goes a long way! I am all about giving a natural yet younger look!

With a Juvederm lip treatment, I can build subtle volume, add softness and smoothness by restoring the natural hydrobalance of your lips, all in one simple rejuvenating treatment. Even small changes can make a big difference that will last between 9 and 12 months. Make sure to read this article to find out more about dermal fillers at my practice.

Is this something you would be interested in? Then feel free to call my practice now on 011 954 0070/3.



We all know that waking up with radiant, young and fresh looking skin always makes us feel beautiful and confident. Unfortunately, maintaining gorgeous skin all year round can be tricky. Sun exposure, the elements in general, smoking, diet and our drinking habits will very quickly affect the skin’s appearance: the skin begins to show wrinkles, spots, uneven skin tone, and scars.

The great news is that you are a chemical peel away from seeing what your skin truly looks like! Simply put, chemical peels slough off roughened, tired, dull skin surface layers to reveal new fresh plumper skin beneath! That alone can transform your looks, and take years off your appearance, making you feel on top of the world during your Valentines’ Day date and for many months thereafter. That being said, there are a variety of chemical peels to choose from, depending on your skin condition and the results you are looking for. This means that the end results as well as the recovery do vary from one chemical peel to the next. But do not worry: this is definitely something we will talk about during your consultation.

But in the meantime, this article on my blog should give you some guidance.

If you have looked in the mirror recently, and saw that your skin had lost its freshness, you probably need a little rejuvenating boost and could be a perfect candidate for a chemical peel at my practice. The results are simply incredible!

A chemical peel is extremely effective in improving any of the following skin conditions:

  • The scarring that can result from severe acne outbreaks
  • Spots known as age or liver spots
  • Age-related fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles caused by sun exposure, as well as any sun-damaged skin
  • Patches of irregular skin colour and tone
  • Scaly areas and rough skin patches
  • Scarring from surgery or wounds

Maybe something to consider this February?



Botox is a very safe cosmetic treatment that can be used to diminish the appearance of deep lines on the forehead, marionette lines around the mouth, and crow’s feet that occur around the eyes.

Many patients, men and women just love how easy and convenient Botox is. It takes a few minutes, is virtually painless and efficiently diminishes the appearance of facial wrinkles while leaving you looking natural – but with that little wow factor. You will still look like yourself but as though you are coming back from a very relaxing holiday and the results will last between three and five months.

With Botox injections, there is no downtime but I strongly recommend that you book your appointment at my Krugersdorp practice a few days before Valentines’ Day in order to look your best for your special occasion! Of course, you and I will talk about the results and the possible post-treatments symptoms but in the meantime, find out more about Botox injections by visiting this page.

You see?! A rejuvenating makeover does not always require general anesthesia and painful recovery! Some minor procedures like those covered in this article can ease wrinkles in my office in less than an hour! Today, having some cosmetic TLC done can be a lunch-hour errand.
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