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If you are planning to spend time at the coast this Summer, you will definitely have to be mindful about protecting your skin every day. You may not know this but the Ocean is one big Sun reflector. This means that you are more at risk for Sunburns and Sun damage on the shore than anywhere else. Not only is Sunburn frustrating, unsightly and painful, it also risks your safety in the grander scheme of things.


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I have said it over and over again but I cannot emphasize this enough – Sunscreen is a step that cannot be skipped. It is the number one beach essential, the first item you should put in your suitcase and that has to remain in your beach bag at all times. My advice is to buy one with a high SPF that is waterproof this way you can swim without worrying about getting burnt. Never, ever lie in the Sun without putting on a good SPF and remind your loved ones about this too! You do not want to suffer the nasty repercussions of intense Sun exposure.

When it comes to Sunscreen application, I want to share 3 tips that most people tend to overlook:

  • Apply Sunscreen in forgotten areas:hairline, ears, tops of feet, toes, eyelids.
  • Sitting in the shade does not mean you are safe:You can still get Sun-burnt under an umbrella, especially by the Ocean. So remember to apply and reapply Sunscreen, not matter where you are.
  • Be aware of oily skinned areas:The areas of your face where you have larger pores (usually the sides of the nose and the centre of your forehead) produce more oils.  These natural oils tend to breakdown Sunscreen quicker, so pay attention and reapply more often.



Do not forget your lips when applying SPF. Exposure to UV rays can bring out skin conditions (like cold sores) but also accelerates ageing around the mouth and dehydrates the skin. So it is especially important to keep the sensitive skin of your lips well protected. Find a good, nourishing balm that includes a good SPF of at least 15.


  1. COVER UP!

Even covered in SPF, on a hot day, it is likely that you will start to feel the burn. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, always pack a sarong in your beach bag to cover yourself up. Pick a light and pretty fabric that will allow you to stay cool and elegant but will keep you shielded at the same time.



Wearing a wide-brimmed hat will further reinforce your Sun protection. Indeed, it is the best way to ensure that your face gets a good amount of shade but it also brings an element of chic to your beach look. Of course, wearing a wide-brimmed hat does not mean you can skip the Sunscreen.  Remember: Sunscreen is not optional!



When you get back home after an outing at the beach, shower thoroughly and immediately for the salt from the Ocean will cause havoc on your skin and hair. I also recommend that you apply a good quality after-Sun product or a rich body butter all over your body as well as a thick layer of moisturizing cream on your face and neck. This step will help to replace lost moisture, soothe singed skin and prevent peeling.

I hope these tips will come in handy this Summer. As always, it was wonderful for me to share my knowledge with you all. Optimal Sun protection ensures beautiful, smooth, young looking skin for longer but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are staying safe and healthy.

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