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We are continuing our summer series with an article on sunscreen and how to make sure the way you go about protecting your skin is adequate and efficient in keeping complications at bay.

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Too much sunscreen is better than too little!

Applying sunscreen every day is great but re-applying regularly is key! If you are not sure how long ago you applied, re-apply anyway, just to be safe. Frequency is essential to minimize damage.

Ideally, you shouldre-apply every two hours. And if you have forgotten to bring your sunscreen, do stay in the shade or wear a hat!

Also, if you are reluctant to wear sunscreen because it may disturb the state of your skin, do some research and purchase the right sunscreen for your skin. Today’s sophisticated formulas are perfectly adapted to oily or dry skin and it is possible for you to choose a sun protection that is oil-free, mattifying, extra moisturizing or gentle on reactive skin.

You got burnt? It has happened to all of us. Read more about how to treat sun-damaged skin here


What about sunlight and vitamin D?

Indeed, a small amount of sunlight daily is a good way to give your skin some beneficial Vitamin D but you need to consider two factors before going out.

1: The time of exposure has to be short; 10 minutes is enough.
2: It should not be between the hours of 11am and 3pm.


Preload sunscreen

Is your holiday in the sun coming up, a good idea is to apply sunscreen nightly for a couple of weeks before you leave  such that the sunscreen builds up in your stratum corneum, and reduces the chances of your skin getting burnt!


Is your sunscreen off?

Just like all creams and beauty products, sunscreens are not meant to last forever. Do not take chances: throw away last year’s sunscreen, be safe and pick a new one. And do not forget the most important advice: USE IT! To read more on how to use sunscreen the right way, take a look at this article.


Do you have tips to avoid sunburns or to enjoy a nice tan without the negative consequences? Please do leave a comment right here and let me know if you have been enjoying this summer series? I always love to get feedback.

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