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Summer is here and making sure that your skin gets optimal protection from the sun is vital. Not only does the sun makeyour skin age much faster, it can also cause serious health issues such as skin cancer, especially here in Sunny South Africa. Not only do you need to know how to prep your skin for the summer days, you also need to know how you can maintain and improve its quality.

There are many simple habits that you can include in your daily skin care routine. These tips will prepare your skin for the summer season and at the same time make you look radiant as ever.


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  1. Keep your skin hydrated

Dehydration, air conditioning and excessive sun exposure all lead to dry skin and to solve this problem the only way is to keep the skin moisturized.  To do this, up your skincare routine’s level of hydration with intensive, providing highly nourishing masques once or twice a week.

Other options to hydrate your skin would be:

  • Toners, which are a refreshing moisturizing step that will prep you skin and and even out its porosity.
  • Light textured moisturizing serums to be applied it before your facial sunscreen, in order to restore the skin’s moisture barrier, increase cellular turnover and strengthen your skin’s natural defence mechanism.


  1. The best healthy habits are often the simplest: Drink more water!

Not only dehydration is bad for your skin, it also causes headaches and dizziness.

Make sure you carry a bottle of plain, pure water with you – Not only it will help detoxify your skin, but you will feel great, more energized and focused!

Did you know!? If you drink caffeinated beverages, you must triple the amount of water you drink!


  1. Out with the old, in with the new: Exfoliate!

Incorporating exfoliation into your skin care regime is a must to avoid dull skin! Exfoliation helps to prevent congestion by removing old, dry, dead skin cells, toxins and other deposits which allows for new skin cells to surface.

Try to exfoliate your skin in the morning prior to using a toner, moisturizer and applying sunscreen. You should exfoliate your skin properly once a week only and no more than that.


  1. Come in for regular chemical peels

An in-office salicylic acid peel twice a month is brilliant to keep your skin looking amazing in summer and throughout the year. It clears up dulling, dead skin cells, which not only helps even out any discoloration, but also draws excess oil out of the pores and leaves skin less shiny.

At my practice, you can get a superficial chemical peel which is a combination of trichloroacetic acid and glycolic or salicylic acid. Ideally, it is a very good habit to have it done two or three times every summer. It clears out the pores, kills bacteria inside, and slows oil production. And it tightens the look of pores.


  1. Stick to a proper skin care routine:

It is important to follow a proper skin care routine and even more so during the summer days as the increase in sweat and humidity causes your skin’s pores to clog, resulting in acne and break outs. In addition, excess sweat also spreads any bacteria that are on the surface of the skin.

To prevent skin problems, try to keep your skin clean by washing your face twice daily with a gentle face cleanser. Also use a toner once daily to remove excess oiliness and keep your skin refreshed.

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