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Getting older can be a bit upsetting – especially when it comes to your looks. With more years on your life, you will no doubt eventually deal with drier skin, age spots, and wrinkles – but that doesn’t mean you can’t address all three!

In your thirties, wrinkles and age spots may begin to appear. Your skin may seem less radiant and may show signs of discoloration.

In your forties, the collagen and elastin support network begins to break down. Lines and wrinkles become more prominent as your skin becomes dryer. The blood flow begins to slow down, leaving your skin with less of a blush.

Once in your fifties, the new cell production decreases. Your skin retains less water, which increases the wrinkle formation. At the same time the underlying fat cells in your face shrink and your excess skin begins to sag.

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An Ageless Skin Secret:

One skincare secret all fabulous-looking women – no matter their age — know is that old, dull, dry skin cells are the enemy. To look youthful and glamorous, you must be diligent about removing dead cells through chemical peels, or exfoliating scrubs.

Chemical peels in particular help slough off old damaged skin cells and speed new cell growth, which means your topical products (moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen) penetrate the fresh new skin much better.

I have written about chemical peels here 


Daily Maintenance is Key

While regular chemical peels can do wonders to minimize age spots, reduce fine lines, and improve your skin’s surface, you still don’t want to neglect a good at-home daily skincare routine of your own.

Sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is your skin’s best friend, as is a good deep-cleanser.

You should also invest in a good quality moisturizer, especially one that features glycerin, which helps hold moisture in the skin for a more supple, younger appearance.


It’s Never Too Late

Gorgeous skin, even after 60? Absolutely.

Even though you may be — like some women –accepting and even proud of the wrinkles you’ve earned, continuing a vigilant skincare regimen during this decade is crucial to optimizing your appearance and enhancing your beautiful natural features and you will probably have more confidence in your look than ever before, with good reason!

For those who were not as careful with their skincare routine in the past, it’s perfectly fine to start now. This decade is in fact an ideal time to start paying more attention to anything on your skin that begins to change colour or becomes irregular, since it’s a time when people really begin to notice the ramifications of long term exposure to the elements for your skin.

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