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Skin aging, like most physiological phenomena, is the result of many things. But only about 20 to 30 percent of the process is genetically determined. So there’s more you can do to control it than you might have thought. We know you already wear sunscreen every day to fend off those UV rays—here are some stealthier skin agers and ways to mitigate their effects.

The skin starts showing signs of ageing from 25-30 years. The first sign of ageing is change in texture and hydration level of the skin. The skin gets drier, patchy and its radiance reduces. We are not glowing the way we used to! By 35 years of age, it is not uncommon for my patients to start noticing fine lines around the eyes called crow’s feet.

My patients who are in their forties tend to complain more about frown lines (forehead wrinkles). By 50-60 years the laugh lines get deeper and neck wrinkles appear and skin laxity sets in. Some people develop age spots, patchy skin and pigmentation.

But don’t worry (or you will get even more wrinkles!) The good news is that ageing can be delayed, avoided and even reversed! There are so many things t can do to erase fine lines and wrinkles at my practice! Depending on the severity of your ageing signs I will explain what I think should be done about it and together we will look at the various ways in which I can make you look years younger!

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