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This month in my newsletter, I am posting about mid face rejuvenation. Did you know that it is a great way to rejuvenate the whole face by only treating specific areas without resorting to surgery?

It is the perfect alternative to the traditional facelift, it is a less expensive but also less traumatic option and gives my patients consistent and amazing results.

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When the skin’s elasticity declines with age, the effects of gravity become too obvious. Gravity causes:

  • The tip of the nose to droop,
  • The ears to elongate,
  • The eyelids to fall,
  • Jowls to form,
  • The upper lip to disappear while the lower lip becomes more pronounced.

Much of this can be corrected with well-placed dermal fillers. Most notably is treatment to the cheek area. I can restore Volume loss and sculpt the face and cheeks as well as hydrating the skin thanks to Dermal Filler injections in the appropriate areas.

Fillers can offer  a non-surgical solution to adding volume to the face. As we age we lose fat and bone volume in our face. It is a natural progression unfortunately caused by gravity and the mere process of ageing. But you don’t have to live with it!

At my practice, I use Juvederm fillers, one of the safest injectable fillers on the market to provide problem areas in your mid-face with volume and a smoother overall texture.

Juvederm is a safe, natural cosmetic dermal filler. It restores skin volume and fullness to smooth out wrinkles, reshape facial contours, and augment the lips. Different Juvederm fillers can improve the appearance of a variety of wrinkles, including:

  • The nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Marionette lines,

And can enhance -amongst other areas-

  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Cheeks

Juvederm creates a healthier, youthful appearance by rejuvenating volume deficient areas.



Volumizing for the midface is one of the best ways to rejuvenate this area. Juvederm dermal fillers are a remarkable treatment option that brings youth to this area in a natural way. Even though it is non-surgical, the effect lasts for approximately 9-12 months and even longer

The treatment will replace volume to the cheek area reducing the deep Nasolabial fold wrinkles, tear trough depressions and create youthful symmetry to the face.

Examples of Mid Face rejuvenation correcting Cheeks, Nasal Labial folds and Nose Shaping

•Cheek Augmentation

•Nasolabial Lines

•Nose Shaping

So what exactly do I mean by “midface”?
Your mid-face includes your under-eye area, cheeks and nose. You can imagine that it is a focal point of the face because this is where you see how the eyes, nose, lips and cheekbones look together.

What are Nasolabial folds?
Treating the midface with volume to the cheeks softens “smile lines”, called nasolabial folds which are the wrinkles stretching from nose to mouth.

If you undergo a midface cheek volumising treatment, you will save because Dr VD Mescht will use less filler to correct the remaining fine lines in other areas of concern. This saves you money and adds further weight to the adage that the first area for treatment should be the midface. Dr Martina can still:

  • Fill in marionette lines at the lower corners of the mouth, and vertical lines above   the upper lip
  • Fill in acne scars
  • Redefine jowls or jawline left saggy by skin laxity and volume loss
  • Plump lips, giving a more full and voluptuous, kissable mouth
  • Plump and lift cheeks

Two Popular treatments with Dermal Fillers:

Nasolabial folds refer to the lines between the nose (naso) and the outer corners of the lips (labial). Usually, in your late 30’s to early 40’s, these so-called “smile lines” deepen from a line to a crease to a fold.

Marionette lines are the deep grooves (shaped like parentheses) that pull the corners of your mouth downward, giving you what’s often perceived as a constant angry or sad expression.

Although the marionette lines are not strictly midface procedures, Dr Martina likes to correct them at the time of midface procedure. This is because these subtle signs of ageing, evidenced by the formation of deep nasoloabial folds and marionette lines, are easily corrected and cost effectively.

The combination of the midface and marionette treatments easily take a few years off your appearance.



Why do we get saggy tear-troughs?

Over the years, we tend to develop a depression around the lower eyelids that occurs due to the descent of the cheek tissue and resorption of bone. Juvederm injections work wonders in that area when injected below the muscle under the eyelid area to minimize bruising and create a more smooth result.  By filling the tear trough area you reduce the bags and visible

Do you want to remove you tear-troughs?

Some people develop trough-like hollows where the top of the cheekbone meets the under-eye. These are known as tear troughs. They tend to give a tired look and can be difficult to mask. But filler injections in the problem area have been proven safe and give amazing results.

Tear trough midface treatments:

In the past very few options were available for patients who complained of dark circles or dark hollows under their eyes. Dermal fillers injected directly into the tear trough area will fill the hollows and remove dark circles without the need for surgery.

If your problem is severe, then I will refer you to a qualified plastic surgeon.

The aim of the tear trough procedure is to place the filler deep below the skin and soft tissue around orbitomalar ligament, thereby lifting up these tissues, making the tear trough appear shallower.

The results after the tear trough rejuvenation procedure are instant and last between six and 12 months before repeat injections are required. In fact, not much filler is required and the treatment is a very cost effective treatment for anti-ageing and natural rejuvenation.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it was great for me to share these skin rejuvenation facts with you and I do hope that you found them informative! Remember to visit my website www.aestheticssouthafrica.co.za and my Facebook page to find out more about all the treatments and procedures I offer!